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Architectural Shingle Roofing

Architectural shingles are an attractive modern roofing option. There are several different aesthetics you can choose from that will provide a longer-lasting, safer roof for your home. Curious about whether architectural shingles are right for you? Contact a dependable Castle Rock Roofing Contractor to get the answers you need.

Are Architectural Shingles an Affordable Roofing Option?

There are several different types of architectural shingles, each with its own aesthetic and structural features, creating different price points. However, architectural shingles overall can be more affordable than other roofing materials.

Pricing depends on what the individual shingle is composed of and how it is created. Some shingles are more costly than others, but their lifespan and aesthetics also exceed the lower cost options and provide superior resale value.

Maintenance and Repair

Architectural shingles provide a long-lasting and durable roofing option; however, you will still need to make an effort to maintain it and check the roof for needed repair throughout its overall lifespan.

These roofs withstand the elements well, but you will need to check your roof regularly, especially after violent storms with high winds or hail. Searching for Castle Rock roofing contractors that can do an inspection for you and make any necessary repairs will ensure your roof lasts as long as possible.

Best practice is we suggest a thorough roof tune up at least once every five years or sooner pending major weather events.

Info About Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are a premium, durable product that can provide a designer look for a more affordable price than high-end materials like metal, slate, clay or concrete tiles.

If well maintained, they have a lifespan of 20-50 years. They also have a wind rating of up to 160 miles per hour, extended warranties, and are resistant to shingle curling.

Advantages of Architectural Shingle Roofing

  • The popularity of architectural shingles has led manufacturers to develop a wide variety of options. There are so many colors and styles to suit the aesthetic of your home that there will always be the perfect choice for every homeowner.
  • These shingle roofs are perfect for areas in wetter climates as they fight fungal and algae growth.
  • While no roof is immune, the flexibility of architectural shingle roofs helps reduce the damage caused by hail and severe storms.
  • Feel safer in your home with fire-proof architectural shingles. These shingles can withstand high temperatures, protecting your home from fire damage.

It’s essential to take your time to find the perfect Castle Rock roofing contractor to help you choose the right architectural shingle to fit your needs. Ensuring the contractor is knowledgeable about the materials and installation is just as important as getting a fair price. Contact us today to get your (free) estimate.