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Commercial Roof Replacement in Castle Rock

Looking for a roofing contractor in Colorado? Our team of experts is highly skilled in commercial roof replacement for all types of commercial roofs. With more than 25 years of experience, we have become experts in areas such as commercial TPO roofing and many more. 

If you have frantically searched Google for commercial roofers near me, hoping to find the help you need, know that Castle Rock Roofing & Construction is the right company for the job. 

Commercial Roof Replacement Service 

The truth is roofing doesn’t last forever. Not even sturdy commercial roofing. Structural damage sustained through inclement weather or just regular wear and tear from years of use causes the eventual need for a complete commercial roof replacement. 

Castle Rock Roofing contractor crews are certified installers. They stay up-to-date on the most current roofing training and OSHA safety reviews. We install the highest-grade products to ensure you get the most extended life out of your roof and the most for your money.

Common Reasons for Commercial Roof Replacement are:

  • Water Leaks in Building
  • Lack of proper maintenance and repair
  • Noticeable Cracking of Membrane
  • Roof Penetration Seals & Seams Failing
  • Noticeable soft or weak spots
  • Sagging, Spongy Low Spots
  • Flashing Not Attached or Coming Apart

Castle Rock Roofing & Construction Commercial Roof Replacement Process 

  1. Preparation-Safety first. We try to be as disruptive as possible but replacing your roof is a significant undertaking. We suggest removing any wall hangings or ceiling fixtures and, most importantly, employees possibly disrupted by the loud noise and vibrations. We also recommend covering nearby equipment or anything else of importance on the ground below, as falling debris and dust are common. 
  2. Delivery-Approximately two days before the project start date, we will deliver your commercial roof replacement materials. Typically, we will place the supplies directly onto the roof; however, occasionally, it must be stored nearby on the ground. Roofing material takes up a good amount of space, so you will need to secure enough room out of the way to avoid conflict with daily operations. 
  3. Installation-Ready for your new roof? Our team will show up on time as scheduled. We suggest having your point of contact or project supervisor on-site. If that is not feasible, there is no need to worry. We are fully capable of replacing your commercial roof with ease.
  4. Cleanup-We take pride in our outstanding customer service, and that means making you happy with a job well done. We strive to keep your property as clean as possible while we work; however, leaving your site as we found is important, so we go over everything after completion, just in case. 
  5. Rest-Hooray for your new roof! You can rest assured that your staff and building are safe and secure. You may see tiny granules washed out in your gutters. This is normal and will pass as the rain clears them out. All there is left to do is return to business as usual and know that you are safe and sound under your new roof.  

Castle Rock Roofing & Construction Commercial Roofing Options 

We offer a multitude of high-quality products for your commercial roof replacement needs. We utilize the best commercial roofing products and membranes, creating the most secure roofing you can get.