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Considering a residential roof replacement? Here’s why you need to do it now.

A few storms have passed…

Some roof tiles fallen… 

But you hold off on calling for help… Because, deep down, you know that you probably need a residential roof replacement. 

The truth is, the longer you wait — the higher the chance that other problems will surface. 

So, to stop that from happening, this article is going to cover all you need to know about residential roof replacements — and why you need get on that right now!

Let’s dive in…

Why would you need a residential roof replacement?

There are a few tell-tale signs that the time has come for your roof replacement.

The most common are

  • Temperature retention problems
  • Missing tiles
  • Leaks
  • Moss or mould

If you notice any of these symptoms inside your home. Or even suspect that they are present…you might be tempted to leave it for another day. 

Put the bucket in the corner for the leak, paint over the mold, turn the heating up…

These are the quick fixes, right?

Ignoring these signs could lead to visible sagging on your roof line. And the next step after that? A collapsed roof that puts you in danger. 

To know the full extent of the issue — and to fix it for good — you need to call your local residential roofing contractor as soon as you see the signs. 

The faster you fix the problem — the safer you will be. 

What is the benefit of replacing your roof ASAP?

When you replace your roof, no unwanted air or water can get out or in. 

You’ll notice the difference almost instantly!

You’ll have

  • Better ventilation indoors
  • Energy efficiency — and lower costs
  • Better protection from adverse weather
  • Greater long-term value on your home

These are small improvements that make a BIG difference to your overall quality of life inside your home. 

But replacing a whole roof sounds like a big investment, right?


How much does a residential roof replacement cost?

Roof replacement costs are priced depending on the size of your roof. Each company has its own price per square meter of house.

For example, at Castle Rock roofing, the price is between $[X].00 and $[X].00 per square meter.

This varies depending on

  • The issue at hand
  • Materials required
  • Any further damages

As a roofing contractor, it’s important that honesty sits at the heart of the work you receive. 

So, if you only need a roof respiration, not a replacement — that is what you will get.

Your quotation is always based on exactly what you need and the expertise required to fix your problem. 

If there are underlying issues that might change that, you’ll be made aware of it before any further work is done.

What is the first step?

If you have a hunch that your roof needs replaced — let’s find out!

The first step in the process of getting a residential roof replacement is an assessment

This is where a qualified technician comes to visit your house. 


  • thoroughly examine your roof,
  • identify the problem and offer a solution,
  • And give you an estimation for the project

After the assessment, the technician will give you a rundown of the project including any potential issues that could come up in the process of replacing the roof. 

If you’re happy with the timeline, price and work to be done — the next step is to order the materials to your house. 

Start your roof replacement — today!

Ready to reap the benefits of a new roof?

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